Education in its dual role, both social and economic, has a key role to play in ensuring that world’s citizens acquire the key competences needed to enable them to adapt flexibly to such changes. About 65 million people live in forced displacement: almost one percent of the world’s population. Diving into a STEAM curriculum is the next step to the 21st century skills.

Providing displaced people with access to quality education in the STEAM disciplines is important in order to ensure their successful integration, through their preparation for entry into the educational and employment system of the host countries.

Digital Brands

Started first in Athens Greece with StrigiformGames in May 2016, StrigiformGames, with the company’s mission is to develop educational games purposed to help people build both hard and soft skills.

Founded in May 2017, StrigiformHub, is a startup company based in Athens Greece. The company’s mission is to provide STEAM Education For Displaced People and promote lifelong learning opportunities for displaced people.
Our Vision is to:

  • Create a unique educational hub that consists of a learning management system, a visual programming language and STEAM mobile games, all of them offered free of charge.
  • Activation of the whole learning ecosystem – tutors, parents, youth, learning organizations, to engage in the child’s learning.
  • Co-creation of teaching methodology – our professional development platform helps tutors and learners gain a sense of ownership over designing their learning program.
  • Integration of empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving into STEAM curriculum.

The next step will be an online game that uses adaptive technology to help kids learn better

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